miércoles, 4 de julio de 2007

Small 2d animation


I´ve done this for advertising a 2d animation course. Yes, I´m going to teach !!, for two weeks. Let´s see how it goes!.

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  1. You are my personal animation hero.
    What you do is always alive and charming.
    I think we have to clone you in 1 million copies and send you to China to produce cheap good animation.
    ...no wait. Then I will be out of work.
    Maybe we have to kill you to prevent this from ever happening. -Just to be safe. It's not personal.

  2. Si señó!aunque inconscientemente has utilizado un naraja q m es bastante familiarr..jejeje...
    si con estos tus alumnos no babeban q m digan con que no!
    dale profe ! dale!!

  3. hey dude you should think about posting some of your lectures, i'm sure they will be pretty helpful to many of us!
    i've seen the "grandfather of soul" short film... quality animation! congratulations! i love the first shot in which he's cranking up the phonograph. did u animate that shot? i'm missing that on your showreel if u did...

  4. Good luck Danny
    wish I was at one of your classes.

  5. very good yours traces and images.


    nice to meet you : )