jueves, 15 de marzo de 2007

Life Drawing 2

Another charcoal sketch!, I didn´t post in weeks because I ´ve been real busy in the studio. I´m now animation supervisor for a 15 minute short film we are doing . We have been leaving work late everyday , really exhausting work, no social life, but now is getting better!
Hope to make it next week for another drawing session.
See ya!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Another atmospheric butt! Nice work, this drawing must be quite BIG huh? Congratulations on becoming animation supervisor on your latest project Dani. Look forward to seeing the new short. Any thoughts on coming to Nice to work on the film here? If you'd like to visit to check out the project let me know.

  2. Hey Dani!Finally i found your blog..:o).. hehe.
    Keep posting, i love your works , even the little drawing you do to give me retakes..hheh!:D..

  3. Hey Alright Danny

    yeah enjoying the spring in London,
    good to hear from you and to see you are still life drawing and not spending all your time infront of the monitor.

    The James Bond thing is funny but it is not so.lol