martes, 27 de junio de 2006

Final Disney Channel spots

Here are the animatics I did for four little spots in Disney channel Spain.These are done in Flash, just like the other silly animations I posted before.They where very useful to previsualize the whole thing and make changes on the fly. When they were fully approved by the client all the team used them as reference to move on to CG
Next to the animatic are the final spots beautifully rendered by Johnatan Catalan , and with great matte paintings by Toni Reyna.Character rigging is by Luis Sanjuan and modelling and supervision by Jaime Maestro.I also supervised animation in all of them.

This one was animated by David Cuevas

This is Johnatan Cuevas´s animation

This was animated by Alex Mateo

AAAnd this is the one I animated.

Hope you guys like it!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Ja ja ja, amazing and funny Daniel, your animations looks like a 2D style and this is greatful to see on a 3D animation then. Keytoon team power!!

  2. Hey, Dani...

    Ya estás donde querías, chaval. ¡Felicidades!

    ah, que soy Félix.

  3. Jajaajaja, muy buenos los spots!! :D

    Por ciero, quería felicitarte por haberme hecho leer el mejor título de blog del mundo! Control Z, es triste pero genial!!