jueves, 18 de mayo de 2006

Straight ahead animation

It´s been long since I don´t do this: simply animate , no planning, no pose-to-pose , simply one drawing after the other. I missed the freshness of it, so I took Macromedia Flash and doodled away!

4 comentarios:

  1. Really great Dani!, I like this kind of animate, and of course this animation, funny and fresh. You have an amazing skills animating. Do it more for show!

  2. These non-planned animations are great, always fun to find out what you end up with.
    how long did it take you? I'd love to see more of this, keep it up!

  3. Yo Danimation !
    cool to see that you are still hock to the moving picture thing and even more cool to see that you use the good classic 2D way.
    well done mate and funny !!
    I hope to have some news soon from you.


  4. Yo , Yola!! Thankss a thounsand! for your kind comments!! I´m glad to hear from you!!