miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2006

The girls of Malvarosa beach

In Valencia there is a huge beach, the Malvarosa.Last Sunday we went there with our sketchbooks in the hunt for beauty!.

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  1. Now you are talking!
    nice drawings man

  2. Hah! 'The hunt for beauty' sounds so ominous, could be a cool name for a blog or an epitaph! Great drawings amigo, you're back on form now, the girl twisting is excellent, tough to capture but you did it. The little gestures with the feet work so well.
    Man, looks like you were really inspired by these beach beauties, hard not to be distracted from the drawing though right?

  3. yeah , it is hard! , I actually did some rough blue sketch in the actual beach. Later I put the black lines and tones.

  4. Nuttin' wrong wi' dat! Works really well man. I always liked how you worked into your sketches often with an inkline or a splash of colour/tone. Gives drawings more life, vitality, FORM & a sense of location.

  5. Excelentes bocetos, tener "modelos amateurs" gratis y que prescindan del tan odioso antipose es algo digno de agradecer, eso solo lo puede dar la espontaniedad, bien aprovechado por tu parte. Has plasmado muy bien el movimiento de las "modelos", y muy bien resueltos los escorzos