jueves, 9 de marzo de 2006

Gym Poster

I did this just recently, is a poster for the gym next door! I know the founders since I´m seven years old!! They do martial arts and general fitness.
I used Flash to clean up the rough drawings to give the "manga" look I wanted for the lines and colors.

I like doing this small jobs, but I can´t wait to get started in animation again. I´m going to head to Valencia to a studio called Keytoon , www.keytoon.com . Have a look at their stuff it´s brilliant!. The thing about this new job is that I´m going to have to animate in 3dMax witch I hate..! but nevermind.

I´ve sent some reels up in Los Angeles but no answer yet, I guess I´m spending this summer in Spain.... yeeehooow! Posted by Picasa

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